Visions and dreams of a Demonic Specter begin to haunt ALAN MCBRIDE, pulling him back into a past he left behind twenty years ago. He soon finds out that members of his old crew are disappearing under strange and macabre circumstances. Sinister rumors in the old neighborhood suggest that the perpetrator is the spirit of a dead man named CLAYTON BRIGGS who was murdered decades ago. The story throws Alan into a state of agonizing guilt, not only because he inadvertently participated in the murder, but also because he is now in love with Clayton’s former girlfriend MONICA who has no idea about Alan’s past. Alan tries to atone for his sins by admitting his role in Clayton’s death to Monica, but by doing so he unintentionally puts her in danger when Calyton’s true killer, a notoriously brutal man named MARCUS WALKER, finds out what she knows and hunts her down. Mysterious forces bring Alan and Marcus together, face to face with the Demonic Specter, and the two men finally rectify the lingering pain and remorse from the crime that was committed long ago in the shadows.   

Writer & Director:

Brian Clyde

Executive Producer:

Charlie Godbold